Refractory castable

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Refractory castable

Refractory temperature: 1800 (℃)

Compressive strength: strong (Mpa)

Specifications: According to customer requirements (mm)

Refractory castable application

Molten copper furnace refractory castable is suitable for oil refinery catalytic cracking equipment cyclone separator, double slide valve, riser, dilute phase tube, foot, etc., other chemical equipment, such as ammonia pouring in a conversion furnace lining, two paragraphs.

1. Refractory castable features and uses:

High refractoriness, acid resistance, alkaline slag erosion strong, high temperature mechanical strength, it is widely used in metallurgical industry and other furnace. Mainly used for electric furnace top, blast furnace, hot air stove, ladle, Sheng Gang bucket, iron car, cement kiln, glass kiln and other thermal furnace lining. Widely used in iron, steel, chemicals, cement and other industries.

2. Refractory castable product specifications form:

Standard shape, general shape, shaped and shaped brick, clay refractory physical and chemical properties


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